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20 years surviving!

June 6, 2020 story as told by 20 year survivor

June 6, 2000

Hello my pink sisters!
Many of you have asked my treatment plans, so I thought I’d make a separate post.
I don’t know how long it will get!
Diagnosed on June 6,2000. The surgeon set up a radical mastectomy surgery for June 13.
I went 200 miles to Minneapolis for a second opinion.
That surgeon said let’s try chemo first and maybe do a lumpectomy. So on the day I was supposed to have surgery, I had my first chemo instead A/C. Yuck!
I had to wait 28 days in between chemo infusions to wait for my body to recoup.
After 2 chemos, my surgeon said “wow” amazing. My armpit lymph node was shrunk. My breast tumor had shrunk! Two more chemo treatments, then a month later I had lumpectomy surgery! I had to have a wire locator inserted so surgeon could even find the tumor!
I woke up from surgery and asked what happened. All I heard was “ blah blah blah, lumpectomy “
I rejoiced and fell back asleep.
Then a month after that I had more chemo, Taxol. Then 33 radiation treatments!
On the day of my last rad, my dear husband threw me a big party! Then left me for good the very next day.
All through treatment he was horrible. He would leave me every time I had chemo. We had a farm, he expected me to feed all the animals. He would then get mad at my friends because they didn’t come to help. It was a very horrible year for sure!


Tina Nordlund


This isn't my story ,but I think it should still be told. Growing up I had divorced parents so no one was around to take care of me. Except a family friend, who through her cancer battle still was brave and found strength to shine her light onto others.


- - Doris

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My name is Tammy Mushero and I am a breast cancer survivor! I am a WRIOR1!

Breast Cancer Walk BrunswickI beat stage 3A breast cancer in 2016 and in February of that year I underwent a double mastectomy surgery. After the surgery, I found that the cancer had gone into several of my lymph nodes and was escaping one. This caused me to endure five months of chemo and two months of radiation. Once that was completed, I had to wait about five months to have my expanders removed and the implants put in. Through this whole process I discovered my inner Warrior. I knew I had to fight cancer. You have to dig deep to push through and be strong each day keeping the faith and hope to be a Survivor.

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