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My name is Tammy Mushero and I am a breast cancer survivor! I am a WRIOR1!

Breast Cancer Walk BrunswickI beat stage 3A breast cancer in 2016 and in February of that year I underwent a double mastectomy surgery. After the surgery, I found that the cancer had gone into several of my lymph nodes and was escaping one. This caused me to endure five months of chemo and two months of radiation. Once that was completed, I had to wait about five months to have my expanders removed and the implants put in. Through this whole process I discovered my inner Warrior. I knew I had to fight cancer. You have to dig deep to push through and be strong each day keeping the faith and hope to be a Survivor.

CelebrateWhen I was going through my journey, I had a vision of owning and driving around in a big bad ass truck (because you need to be bad ass to get through this deadly disease) with a visual reminder to do self-breast exams, create breast cancer awareness, educate about the disease, and pay tribute to all who this disease has affected.


Truck backI took my truck to Bri Designs to create a wrap that would stand out to all as a very visual tribute to all women who have endured Breast Cancer. We put a big pink breast cancer ribbon on it, boxing gloves for the fight you endure, wings for faith and hope, the word SURVIVOR to let others know you CAN beat cancer and the words BRAVE FAITH STRONG HOPE FIGHT all on a GMC 2500 Diesel truck. In the process, we created a windshield strip that all of the words resonated deeply within me. I felt that this saying would resonate with many other people and all the different challenges they have faced. I also felt that this slogan would be another source to create breast cancer awareness. I decided to apply for the trademark for this slogan. My vision is to see my trademark slogan across the top of many vehicles creating a visual tribute to all who have been affected by cancer. In the process, this allows others the opportunity to pay tribute to a loved one or to broadcast their own inner WRIOR!

SurvivorI have placed my trademark slogan on shirts and blender bottles as well. To get it out there even more, I plan to place it on many more items, so stay tuned!

I wanted to give to a foundation that helps in research and prevention of this deadly disease that affects 1 out of every 8 woman. For every item sold, I will be donating $1.00 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Thank you,

Tammy Mushero