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Hi I’m Shawna I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015.Her-2 positive estrogen receptive.

- - Shawna

It started with one morning I woke up and noticed a tiny black dot in my nipple. I tried brushing it off thinking it was lint. With trying to make a really long story shorter I was told it was just a blood vessel by 3 doctors. So, I didn’t worry too much. Later, I saw a dermatologist who knew immediately that it was a tumor. He took it off and sent it away. It came back pagets disease and they must take the nipple off. I had an MRI and a needle guided biopsy where they took out calcifications which showed cancer through my whole left breast right side totally clean. So, I went to Boston where they said a mastectomy was needed. 7 weeks before my mastectomy I had a total hysterectomy removing everything including my ovaries due to estrogen was feeding my cancer. So, I was put in premature menopause which was hell! Weeks later, a mastectomy which was painful and menopause symptoms were terrible! I spent a whole year recovering. Mind you my mammogram was clean even though cancer!! If not for the tiny black spot and a really good dermatologist I could be telling a different story. I live my life to the fullest and love beyond measure and feel so blessed! I only want to help others though their journey now and put a face to SURVIVOR!


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