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May 1, 2019

Good day beautiful people,

Today’s topic is a bit about what I have learned along the way.

I learned right away that yes indeed sugar feeds cancer!! So I advise you look at your labels and decrease the amount of sugar you intake. A cancer tumor takes about ten years to develop to the point of where it’s detected. If you get a cancerous tumor there is something faulty in your immune system. So you should be sure to strengthen your immune system to help it detect cancerous tumors.

A major contributor to getting cancer in the first place is suppressed emotions! Disease is a body that is not at ease! Stress is a big one here. It is important to be healthy mind, soul and body to help prevent cancer in the first place, to heal from it and prevent re-occurrence. Plus, environmental toxins play a big role in cancer as well.

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                                   TAMMY’S NEWS & VIEWS


Today’s topic is about how a family member can help a loved one during their cancer journey.

First of all, I strongly believe one of the best ways you can help your loved one is by staying positive and surrounding them with positive energy!

In order to heal they need to be as comfortable and at ease as possible. Bring them laughter, fun easy listening music and good energy. The last thing they need is more stress, so be the one that helps surround them with good vibes and helps eliminate stress for them! Disease is a body that is not at ease!

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This week I will talk about my radiation journey.

First of all, after I completed chemo I had in my head that I did not need radiation and wasn’t going to go through that. When I met with the radiation doctor he convinced be otherwise by thoroughly explaining why I needed to move forward and get the radiation treatment. I left that appointment and cried! I had been through enough and did not want to go through radiation. Apparently, we have lymph nodes in a couple areas that they could not get to and test in pathology during my double mastectomy. So, as usual I sucked it up and planned my appointments.

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Let’s talk about my journey with Chemo. First of all, I shaved my head before it started falling out and I highly recommend that. I did mine 17 days after the first chemo appointment. I felt it was less traumatic because it was done on my terms and we did a shaving party per say.

Chemo is definitely rough! I was on about four anti-nausea pills and still nauseous.

What helps? Eat as often as possible. Have crackers by your bed side. If you wake up in the night eat! Have ginger candy on hand to suck on. Sniff a lemon when first feel like going to barf.


I am looking forward to sharing my news & views weekly with you.

We’ll call it Hump day blog day for now, to plan on a certain day each week that you can check back.

You can look forward to news & views about how I got through my cancer journey and how loved ones can be of help to cancer patients. I am excited to share with you how I move forward as a survivor, my views on life in general and how you can grow and contribute.

I am going to share many things I have learned along the way. My plan is to offer a place that you can go to weekly for inspiration. You then can share that with others in turn, inspiring many.


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