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July 25, 2019

When a family or friend is going through health issues there are many things you can do to help.

  • Pray for them and with them
  • Visit often talking as normally always did before health issue (do not bring negative energy)
  • Bring food for them and or the family (no one wants to have to be concerned with what’s for dinner they have enough on their plates)
  • Run errands for them, shopping, running kids
  • Take them to appointments to spend time with them (they may not want to drive or be alone)
  • Have them call anytime they have a craving and run that craving to them (sometimes things like cancer, chemo, and radiation dictate what they can and feel like eating and nothing else will do), I experienced this and my brother Jason would run anytime to get it even 20-25 minutes out of the way
  • Do dishes and laundry, light housework
  • Get their mail for them and mail out items necessary
  • Sit with them to help them pay their bills (if they are comfortable with you doing this I’m sure they need help going through the mail)
  • Call to chat with them bring them comfort and joy
  • Take the kids to dinner, movies or overnight
  • Offer to fuel up the vehicle and bring it for an oil change
  • Take out the trash
  • Do yard work mowing, weed whacking, and weeding
  • Watch a funny movie with them, read them a favorite book, write in a gratitude journal together or sit outside with them

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July 17, 2019

Mind, Soul & Body talk today.

Di-ease = A body that is not at ease

If you want to prevent disease or heal from it you need to really change your life!

You must do things differently than before if you have a disease. It takes healing your body, mind, and soul to fully heal.

Let’s start with nutrition. Keep in mind I am not a nutritionist, dietician or doctor. I am sharing what I have learned along the way. You are a product of what you eat. I’m sure you’ve heard that. What you put into things is what you get out of it, not any different with your body. Make Sense? SUGAR FEEDS CANCER! Remember that. Look at your labels people. It’s in more food than you realize. Use natural from the earth foods as much as you can. I always say you can pay the money upfront when you purchase the food or pay it to the doctors and hospitals. Your choice, just think about it. Do the best you can for a BETTER balance in life. I thoroughly enjoy eating clean the majority of the time. I used to get a coffee with extra cream and sugar and now drink it black with an occasional teaspoon of pure maple syrup in my coffee. Take small steps to healthier eating. Eliminate one thing at a time to be able to stay consistent.  I take supplements and have always been a fan of them.

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July 11, 2019

This week I’d like to give a brief Mistletoe update and talk about motivation, attitude, and gratitude.

Mistletoe: I am still at 5MG doses. I get a big raised area after each time now it’s on the same day. The spot is very itchy. Instead of using Benadryl I just put coconut oil on it and it helps take the itching away for a few hours. I just keep reapplying the coconut oil as needed. I am experiencing a very tiny bit of extra tiredness. I find myself just sipping on more coffee than I did before. I am allowing myself to enjoy the coffee right now and it seems to be what I need. I drink a lot of water per day 100 ounces or more. I eat quite healthy as well and stay on my supplement regimen daily which helps a lot as well. I will review my supplements with you once again next week. You might see some you will benefit from taking. I suggest you consult with your doctor before taking any new supplements.

Motivation, attitude, and gratitude:

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July 2, 2019

A brief update on Mistletoe and some thoughts:

Mistletoe therapy is going well at this time. I injected myself for the first time today. Usually, my sister in law Moriah does it for me. Didn’t go too bad. I got some of the liquid all over the table when I tried to get some air bubbles out of the needle. Injecting myself with the needle was easy. I was concerned I’d have a hard time to do it because I thought I’d be nervous but I just breathed in and had no problem at all. I did, however, have some liquid come out of injection site after I pulled the needle out. Not bad for the first time! I’ve been getting a large red area and big long bump at the site each time so I can’t inject as often right now. I have to wait until the bump and redness goes down by 90% before I inject again. The area gets very itchy like if you had a few bug bites all in one area. I just put coconut oil on the area several times per day as needed. It usually keeps the itching at bay for at least two hours or more. I am getting a bit affected by tiredness so I seem to be drinking a bit more coffee per day than usual. I am grateful it is affecting me in a very minor way at this time.

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June 25, 2019

Good Day, all you fellow WRIOR’S,

You are all WRIOR’s. The ones battling this deadly disease and all of you survivors!

I love the saying you never know how strong you are until strength is all you have! Isn’t that the truth! My trademark says it all, BRAVE FAITH STRONG HOPE FIGHT it takes all of these to battle cancer! You really have to dig deep and keep looking up during your journey through cancer and into survivorship!

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June 18, 2019

Good day, all you beautiful people,

Today I’m going to update you a bit on my mistletoe and touch upon mind control.


I had a dose of 5 ML one day and no reaction. The next dose of 5 ML I ended up getting a red raised area about the size of a quarter or larger. My natural path prepped me to look for that. I did not get any other symptoms that you can get, like, flu type symptoms. So, I had to wait until today to be able to do the next injection. The raised area needs to be down and pretty much gone. My doctor said it was good that I got that reaction because it means my body is responding. I did 5 ML again today. Now, we wait to see what I get for a reaction. Then that will tell us whether or not we go up to 10 ML or stay at 5 ML for maintenance.

Mind control:

I found that it is best to try to not let the negative into your mind very often at all in general and especially when faced with a health issue. How do you do that?

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June 11, 2019

This week I’d like to talk about balance. First, I’ll report that I have started my mistletoe therapy injections. I have had three injections thus far. All of them were very low so, I’m happy to report no reactions as of yet. Wednesday, June 12 my injection goes up in dosage. I’ll report more on that journey another week.

Balance. What does that mean to a cancer survivor? Everyone can have a different view on this. For example, when you know sugar feeds cancer do you still eat it? Do you change your whole diet to remove it and be sure you stay on an alkaline diet? To tell you the truth it’s hard to know what to do. It probably varies from survivor to survivor. It depends on your different mindset and viewpoint. I believe it’s all about balance. I try to strive for a better balance in life while maintaining a pretty healthy lifestyle. I think a person needs to live a little and enjoy some foods that just make the pallet sing and bring the mind joy.

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June 4, 2019

This week the topic is about blessings!

Look around you at all the blessings you have. Start with the very air you breathe, the food and water readily available to you, the clothing on your back, shoes on your feet, the bed you sleep in at night, the shower or tub you have, running water, a toothbrush to brush your teeth. You get the point here. Start your day and end it with looking for and counting your blessings all of them. They are everywhere every day!

How can you be a blessing to others? How about a simple smile? A well-given thoughtful compliment. How about a thank you to the teller, waitress, truck driver that delivers the product so it’s readily available for us, janitor keeping the restrooms clean and stocked for us, the person on the phone providing a service, garbage disposal service, mailman? Is there someone you know that would appreciate a homemade meal? How about paying for the order for the person behind you? Is there a friend or relative that could use a hand with their children for a couple of hours?

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I use gratitude daily! I used it to help me get through cancer and many challenging times in my life. When I am faced with a challenging time I look extra hard for things to be grateful for. I say thank you for this quiet time to myself listening to great music while riding in my vehicle. I say thank you for the gift of my abundant eyesight and hearing, gift to walk, talk, taste and smell. Thank you for the magical air I breathe each day and the ease of each breathe I take. I say thank you for the gift of my health that is keeping me alive.

It is extremely important to use gratitude daily! Even when I was going through cancer I was grateful for the time with family and friends. I was grateful for the time to watch great movies and t.v. shows that I otherwise didn’t have the time to do. When I was sitting on the couch so very often I would pray and be grateful always looking up. I have never been so very grateful for health as I was those days! I remember thinking, if you don’t have your health you have nothing because you can’t do anything. Nothing matters especially material things without your health. Your health is the most important thing! So each day you have your health that is keeping you alive be grateful for that!! Even if your battling something be grateful you got out of bed. Be grateful you can eat, see or hear.

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Today I am just reporting on some status.

My bloodwork came back with estrogen low still and no tumor markers so all is good there! I had blood work ran to check my vitamin d level and will find that out soon.

I had an ultrasound of my lymph nodes and they look normal. Since I have a swollen one in my neck she is going to repeat the ultra sound in three months.

I have the appointment next week with the natural path to learn how to inject myself with the mistletoe. I’ll report more on that as I go through it.

I am currently taking several supplements daily, that is going well and I am feeling great at this point.

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This week I am talking about my journey with my new oncologist and natural path.

I am very excited to report that I found an oncologist that will work closely with a natural path. This is essential because I need someone that is going to monitor my blood work as well as a professional that is going to help me prevent re-occurrence. With the kind of cancer I had I have a 30% chance of re-occurrence. I have read and watched enough material to know I need to help my immune system and take anti-cancer fighting supplements.

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