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News Views 8 24 20August 24, 2020

Good day my WRIOR1 friends,

I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to write for you in way too long.

Just a brief update:

I stopped receiving a localized reaction at my injection site (aka mistletoe) so I have to go up to 50mg from 30mg. I’m hoping I only get a localized reaction at that level. Will soon find out. I’ve been on 30mg for so long and honestly thought that I was going to be staying at that level. Not sure why I stopped getting a reaction. So, I’ll update later on that.

I am honestly looking forward to my 5-year mark, which will be 2021. All I hear is the greatest risk of reoccurrence is within the first five years. So, you get in your head that once I’m past that I’m golden like it’s some magical number. Obviously, it can return even after that so you need to be sure to do all you can and take all cancer-fighting, immune building supplements you can for the rest of your life. With that said, I can’t get my hands on the immune builder mushroom supplement I was taking so that is frustrating. I’ve been taking the Chaga extract for now. My natural path just recently found another formula I can order on Amazon that has all the ingredients like the one I was taking. It is called Immune Builder 5 mushroom formula by Mushroom Science if you're interested in getting it for yourself.

I’m forever grateful for the gift to be able to workout at the gym! I just recently passed my NASM personal trainer exam. I am officially certified to be a personal trainer! It is amazing how far we can come in just a few years. To think in 2016 I was fighting for my life and couldn’t even eat what I wanted. To just a few years later, my hair is getting long, I’m working out daily, eating whatever I choose and thoroughly enjoying life!!! I make sure every once in a while I reflect back on my journey to have gratitude in my heart and not take the simple things for granted. I love hearing about all the survivors out there!

I’m taking my Survivor wrap off my truck and putting a new one on very soon. I’ll keep all of you posted on the new look. I like to have a big visual out there for all to see to remind them of Breast Cancer and that you can get through it!

Have a blessed week everyone!



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