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November 18, 2019

I haven’t spoken about my treatment/prevention program for a bit so I’m going to recap a few things.

First of all, I found an amazing knowledgeable natural path in New Castle Maine, Dr. Anne Jacobs 207-523-9247. She is the one that prescribed my Mistletoe therapy. I switched my oncologist to New England Cancer specialist in Topsham 207-729-1148. I provided the numbers in case you were interested in exploring if they are right for you.

I am finally back up to injecting the mistletoe three times per week at 30mg each time. I just get a localized reaction which is what we want. If I don’t get a red swollen area at the injection site I will have to go up in mgs. I am happy to report that it isn’t making fatigued as it did in September! Would you take something that might make you sick at first but in the long run be better for your overall health? Hard pill to swallow but I highly recommend you think about your health longevity wise. You want to do all you can to stay here on earth feeling the best possible, don’t you?

Now supplements I take on a daily basis again are:

DIM= 2 tablets 2x’s per day

Immune Builder= 2 tablets 2x’s per day

Vitamin D= 5000 iu once per day in winter and 1 every other day in the summer both depending on how the level is when I have my blood checked

Tri-magnesium= 1 tablet 2x’s per day

Vitamin Code Women’s multi vitamin= 1 per day

Calcium citrate= 1 tablet 2x’s per day

Green tea extract= 1 tablet 3x’s per day

Theracumin= 1 tablet 2x’s per day

Melatonin= 1 tablet at bedtime

Vitamin C= 1000 mg daily

I also use Frankincense daily sometimes 2x’s per day, CBD in tincture form 1 time per day at bedtime and Phytolacca oil topically on my neck to help reduce the node I have.

That is it. I highly recommend you consult with a physician before you start taking anything new or stop taking anything prescribed. Gather your facts from your healthcare professionals!


I eat a pretty clean diet which consists of Kashi cereal bars,turkey burgers (no bread) made from 93% lean ground turkey, boneless skinless chicken breast, occasionally a grass-fed filet mignon, and about once per week I go out to eat and enjoy a treat meal like a burger and fries or panko-crusted eggplant with risotto, a great pizza once in a while. I eat basmati or jasmine rice, white potatoes, a lot of eggs, protein powder mixed with water drinks, homemade protein muffins, a lot of veggies, bananas with teddies peanut butter with a rice cake and dark chocolate covered almonds. I do not do dairy unless I’m enjoying a great pizza. I drink organic black tea, goldenrod tea, and black dark roast coffee daily. I also, enjoy a glass of red wine about 4 times per week.

I’d encourage you to look closely at your diet to see if you’re consuming too much sugar (which feeds cancer) or foods with high fructose syrup in it and processed foods.

I exercise daily to be sure I keep the blood pumping and build strength by weight lifting. I read that the less conditioned our musculoskeletal systems are the higher the risk of injury. I also, read something about keeping the blood pumping rather than stagnant will help prevent tumors from forming. I wish I could remember exactly how that went but it stuck in my head and it keeps me going to the gym daily.

I wish I would have taken better care of my mind, soul, and body and managed stress better prior to cancer diagnosis. I read the following recently:

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that chronic diseases were responsible for five of the six leading causes of death in the United States in 2006 (2). Of the leading causes of death in the United States, 57 percent were caused by cardiovascular disease and cancer, and nearly 80 percent of these deaths could have been prevented if a healthy lifestyle was followed.

Something to think about for sure!

I hope some of this information be of use to someone today!



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