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March 2017 Celebrating AnniversaryNovember 6, 2019

Good day everyone,

I’d like to talk to you about mindset a bit more and some random thoughts as well.

More and more I learn how extremely powerful your mind is! It controls all! It truly is what got me through my cancer journey, thinking positive thoughts and keeping it out of cancer. No matter the battle you are facing today learn through practice to take control of your mind and you will get through each day better. It isn’t easy to control the mind it tends to want to run negative. Don’t let it win, you take control.

Say things like, “that is not my thought it doesn’t belong to me I am good and only have good thoughts for myself and others. Listen to Cd’s, Dvd’s and read books that are inspirational and teach you how to take control of your mind. Get lost in thought, thoughts, and visions of your healing, living in your dream home, taking that dream vacation, etc.

Yes, there will be times you are just so upset and you just need to feel those feelings, cry, scream, etc, don’t stay there very long. Pick yourself and your mind back up and feed it positive things. Shift gears by putting on a movie, listening to a great song, go outside, change the scenery change the mind, change the mood.

I discovered a new saying I really like and use when I find myself complaining, “but, I really like…….”

I am still moved by my cancer journey when I look back! Man, that was a year. I got through that! Man, I can definitely get through this or that. The bravery, the strength, the fight, the faith and oh the hope that got me through. You too can do this! Looking back I could just cry and have a few times to see how far I have come in a short time! Holy shit that was a time and now man oh man  I need to be grateful each day!

Trust me there are days it messes with your head! Will it come back? Am I doing the right things to prevent it from returning? Should I really be allowing myself sugar once in a while or should I omit it completely? Am I using enough stress management tools daily and weekly? Am I taking all the natural supplements I can to help fight cancer and decrease odds of it returning? Am I making sure I am putting enough joy in my life? Am I overdoing it again? All we can do is do our best! I know worry is only one sure way of it returning because it creates stress! So, I let it go and look at what I am doing differently now than I was before cancer to remind myself wow look at all of these things that are healthier you’re doing and it gives me great confidence that I am on the right track and cancer would have a very hard time returning for sure!

So, please be sure to take better care of yourself. Talk to a natural path and get on some very necessary supplements like Immune Builder, green tea extract and Vitamin D to name a few. Get that exercise daily to keep the blood flowing. Eat a better-balanced diet. Cut sugar down by a lot with only a small treat here and there. Yes, have that glass of red wine if you’d like just one and maybe just a few times per week. Drink plenty of water. Do your research to help yourself. Clear your chakras. Get outside. Pause and enjoy this life you have been gifted!

Til next time smile often,



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