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Hair Coming in 2016October 5, 2019

Good day,

I will tell you that although mistletoe did not put me flat in bed at any point the 30mg level has caused me fatigue daily for the past month. Not an easy thing to cope with daily, however, not bad considering how I could have felt and would feel if I had cancer. I am hoping my body’s immune system will adjust to the mistletoe at this level soon. The symptoms should subside. I am quite happy my body has been able to handle it and get me to this level. Some people might have a maintenance level of 5mg. Everyone’s body is different. It’s very beneficial to have mistletoe onboard period! That’s it about mistletoe for today.

I am amazed more and more the people I meet or read about that have survived cancer some 2,3 or 4 times! You truly are warriors!

I pray that anyone diagnosed with cancer gets a natural path on their team. I am very grateful that I have a great oncologist and natural path as part of my team and that communicate with each other. What a gift! I cannot stress the importance of meeting with a natural path that is educated about cancer and natural remedies enough! It truly saddens me when I hear of people only using western medicine as a treatment plan. Enough about that. If you read my blogs please pass the information along to others.

I am very humbled and can appreciate the very breath I take, my hair, my ability to work out, walk, talk, see and hear daily. I appreciate my well water, toothbrush and ability to eat and stomach any food I choose today. I am extremely grateful for my survivorship! Be grateful today and count each blessing even when your flat in bed or can only sit on the couch be grateful for your bed and the couch that is holding you and giving you comfort. Gratitude will get you through your journey with a much happier mind and mood.

Share your knowledge and gifts with others. This disease affects so so many and you just never know who you are inspiring and giving hope to until you try and just shine onto others!

God bless you all with receiving the knowledge and help that is most useful to you today!



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