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August 23, 2019

Mistletoe and nutrition:

I have injected 30 mg two times now. I have only gotten a large red swollen raised area and a bit of an upset stomach here and there. My natural path is ordering me a pack of all 30mg. I’m quite happy I have made it up to 30mg.

Nutrition: So so very important for disease prevention and healing! In the book “UnDo It” they state some real facts I have noticed on my own journey and my daughter’s health journey that on a recent survey of medical schools revealed an average of fewer than five hours are devoted to nutrition education and even less after medical school. Let that sink in for a minute.

One of the keys to prevention and healing are not taught. Doctors prescribe drugs and surgeries because they get paid for doing so. We are finally getting to a place where natural paths are being recognized and getting reimbursed. In the book, it states that Medicare and many insurance companies are now covering their lifestyle medicine program. My natural path takes certain insurances. Back in 2015-2016 when my daughter and I went the natural path route after western medicine through their hands up and basically said they tried everything they had insurance didn’t reimburse our natural path so you had to pay all out of pocket then you could submit it to insurance to have it go towards your deductible. This is why you must be your own advocate, get second opinions, do research and ask a lot of questions! Get a natural path on your team. I use both a natural path and western medicine doctors. What you eat you become. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. Here in America, we are very blessed to have all sorts of food readily available to us. What’s marketed the most, sugar and processed foods. The very foods that make us sick. Sugar sells because it tastes great. Processed foods sell because they are quick and cheap. Remember this, I have said it before, Pay it upfront with your food choices or pay it to the doctors and hospitals! I understand a low budget and I would encourage you to balance it out the best you can. Buy produce on sale, by organic meats when they are on sale. Try to incorporate healthier meals into your meal plan. Cut down on your sugar intake. Read labels. This is for your health and your families! Remember sugar feeds cancer. Disease is a body not at ease. There are several things you can do to eat healthier without breaking the bank. There are so many supplements you can take to help fight cancer and promote overall health. Talk to a natural path. They are the ones that are going to tell you what you need to hear when it comes to nutrition! I had a dietician that met with me per my request after my double mastectomy before leaving the hospital tell me that it was important that I eat from all the food groups including bread. No, no, no that is not the best advice for a cancer patient! How about you tell me to avoid sugar as much as possible. How about you tell me what diet is best for a cancer patient. They don’t have the knowledge to tailor it to you. I was very frustrated and researched a lot about nutrition on the web and natural path’s. I had to learn by reading books and educate myself. Do your research people for your own sake!

I hope you find some of this information useful. I enjoy sharing what I have learned and am still learning along the way in hopes it helps someone.



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