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This one is a bit long but worth reading!

August 13, 2019

Mistletoe and Inner Villian:

I injected 20mg dose the other day and the only reaction I have at this time is a very large raised red area. If I continue to do well with this injection the next injection will be 30mg.

A very strange thing has happened within the past week. I am seeing some reproductive symptoms. I have not had any reproductive symptoms in three years. I have been post- menopausal since 2016. Cancer I had was fed by estrogen. My natural path is doing blood work to check my hormone levels. I am told that I am restoring health and that this is not uncommon in younger woman. After healing my body restores itself to pre-menopausal levels. I find this very interesting so I thought I would share it with you. I am excited to hear that I am restoring health. I am concerned about producing estrogen that we are working on decreasing the potency of. I am looking forward to the lab results and what the next step will be to take. I’ll keep you posted.

Now, let’s talk about you and your mindset. We all have an inner villain that wants to rob you of joy. What is the story you keep telling yourself that is holding you back from living the life of your true high self? The limiting beliefs that you tell yourself over and over that keep you right where you are and preventing you to live the life of your dreams. It is extremely important in general to figure out what that story is that you keep convincing yourself is true when it isn’t the truth and you need to tell a new story. With cancer, it’s even more important to tell a new story of one with faith and hope. Fear replaced with joy in life. It can be very scary at times and fear wants to be your story. Please do not stay there long! You must live with bravery, faith, strength, hope, and fight. Fight that inner villain and write a new story with your inner hero. Life is meant to be enjoyed and no matter how hard it is no matter what you’re going through you must dig deep destroy that inner villain and look up in hope and gratitude. I too, get scared occasionally that cancer could return and the what if it did thoughts. That isn’t doing me any justice to fuel those thoughts. I change my focus on the fact that I am healthy now and that those thoughts fuel me taking better care of me. I have forgotten to take my Cbd and Frankincense lately. Two very important natural cancer-fighting things. I take so much daily and just got out of the habit of those crucial two items. Therefore, I let the fearful thought for one day to remind me that I better get back in the habit tonight! I am going to live today in hope and joy no matter what in hopes of a tomorrow. Yes, there is stress and sadness at times don’t think I don’t experience that too. However, that is why I go to the gym, eat healthy the majority of the time and talk that shit out. Enjoy the gift of today the best you can. If you are interested, there are example stories on how to recognize your inner villain, replace it with the inner hero in a book called Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi. This book has helped me work through some baggage of old stories that no longer serve my greatest and highest good and to replace those stories with more correct and accurate stories. Check it out.

Until next time, stop breathe in the great outdoors, read a book, smell some flowers, enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea in quiet and lookup.



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