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August 6, 2019

Thoughts about getting through and survival:

First a quick bit about Mistletoe, I am injecting at 10MG still. I am supposed to go up to 20MG but with a child having two broken wrists I decided to stay at 10 since I do not know how I’ll feel at 20mg. I’ll report the 20mg once I try it.

Getting through a tough journey with cancer. You will have harder days and some not so bad days. Just take one day at a time one moment at a time if that’s all you can do. It controls you not the other way around. All you can do is keep your head high as much as possible because it is with faith and positive mindset that gets you through it with the best outcome possible. I found a quote of “This too shall Pass” helped me stay focused on healing and getting through.

I have an Instagram page called wriorllc you can follow. There are people on there that have survived cancer and others going through it. I find this page an inspiration even as a survivor. Eat often, keep a snack by your bedside because it’s important to eat through the night when you wake to help with nausea. Take your antinausea pills regularly don’t wait until you absolutely need them. Eat what you can. I found chemo dictated what I ate. Therefore, I ate whatever sounded good to me just to eat. Keep ginger candy on hand or ice chips candy whatever helps you. Go for walks when you can. Get out in nature. Go for a boat ride in nice weather. Watch funny and inspirational movies, listen to and read inspirational books and music. Most importantly let people help you and communicate what you want and need. Remember This too Shall Pass.


It is a celebration and a journey all of its own. You will have days of some fear of reoccurrence. That is normal just don’t keep your mind there for long because it won’t serve you well. I like a quote I saw “ I didn’t survive from cancer to die from stress” It is extremely important you manage your stress. Eliminate negative energy from around you as much as possible. Keep yourself above shit. Just stay focused on your goals and dreams. You now know first hand how precious of a gift life is. Use gratitude daily. Smile and laugh often. Take yourself out in nature. Read and listen to whatever inspires you. Keep your mind high in the clouds of faith and positive energy. Make sure you take care of your body with exercise and nutrition. Limit your treats. Limit sugar. Take care of your soul, feed it and nurture it. Set your boundaries for the sake of your own health. You need to protect you. Talk to a natural path about all natural things you can do to help prevent reoccurrence and fight cancer. Most importantly don’t just survive but life your life to the fullest you’ve just been blessed with more time here on this precious earth so enjoy it!


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