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July 30, 2019

Mistletoe and research:

I completed the rounds of 5mg and at the end, I was getting a very little reaction. I am now injecting 10mg. I have injected it twice now and I am getting a smaller skin reaction than I have before. The reaction went right down flat and less red a lot quicker as well. My next injection is supposed to be 20mg for two injections then it goes up to 30. My doctor wants to see what my body can take. I’ll let you know how my body reacts to the 20 next time.

Research. Please, people, think outside of the box. Look stuff up online, read books, make an appointment with a natural path and talk to other people. You are your best advocate and you need to find out all you can about cancer. How to prevent it, family history, how to beat it and prevent reoccurrence. The more you know the better off you are. It’s mind, soul, and body that needs to be healthy.

Talk to your oncologist about meeting with an herb doctor. Talk to your doctor about what they know about cancer prevention and treatment. Talk to them about all the natural things that can help. If they don’t know anything about all-natural then reach out to a natural path. I find having a great oncologist and a natural path working together gives me a very powerful team to decrease my odds of reoccurrence and helps me be healthier. Be sure to work on your mind as well with cd’s, books, podcast, and movies. Do your best to work on watching your nutrition and keeping your body moving. For me going to the gym works best. Obviously, I could not do that while I was fighting cancer but I went for walks as much as I could.

You need to take care of you! Time after time I hear about people fighting cancer and they don’t know about the supplements I take, essential oils, CBD or the mistletoe therapy. I thank God the information was presented to me and I’ve learned so many ways to help my body. I want more and more people to seek out herb doctors, natural paths and the best oncologist for them. You never know if there is someone or something out there that can help you feel better or improve your health unless you seek it out. I wish I knew the information I’ve learned now for when I was diagnosed and treated. It is my understanding that acupuncture can relieve some of the chemo side effects and that Chinese medicine can help treat and fight cancer. I am not a doctor so I do not know what can or can not help you. That is why I say have a natural path and western medicine doctor on your team. I want you to look into the things I talk about on Tammy’s News & Views to see if it can help you. I have learned a lot along the way and that is why I am sharing the information in hopes it can help someone in some way.

God bless and happy research.



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